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"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went."

-- Will Rogers



















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Diane and Bill Mayer, owners

Diane and Bill Mayer, owners

Shel-Ray’s name is derived from Diane M. Mayer’s two children’s named Michelle and Raymond. Diane had been gifted with a sense and love of animals of all kinds from childhood fed by the absence of a normal childhood, animals became the saving grace.


Diane would train neighbor’s dogs, even chickens with a natural talent of communication.


With exposure to different breeds, German Shepherd Dogs became a favorite because of the high degree of intelligence and willingness to please. Training dogs was self taught with the help of books from the library, notably The Story of Lassie by Rudd Weatherwax.


After moving to Wisconsin from Chicago and starting a family, the urge to be with animals was overpowering and thus began Shel-Ray Shepherds, Inc in 1971.


Based solely on training other people’s dogs and breeding and exhibiting German Shepherd Dogs, Shel-Ray began lodging at the request of clients going on vacation. From there a seed was planted growing into the First Accredited Facility in the State of Wisconsin with employees who share the love of animals and the connection to people.


The name became dba Shel-Ray Pet Shalet because so many people thought we only cared for German Shepherd Dogs! We lodge, groom, train all breeds of dogs. We lodge all pets from ferrets, cats, Bird, big and small. Even lizards and snakes!




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