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Customer Survey



Rate the following from 1 to 10, with 1 being a great experience and 10 a bad experience.


1. Was the facility clean?


2. Was your customer service representative friendly and knowledgable?

3. Did your check-in go smoothly?

4. Did you get a pre-receipt for lodging?


5. Did your check-out go smoothly?


6. Was your pet healthy and happy at pick-up?


7. Please rate your overall experience at Shel-Ray Pet Shalet.


8. Will you use our services again?


9. Was your Pick Up or Delivery Service helpful?


10. Was your Pick up And Delivery Driver professional and courteous?


Any suggestions for improvements?


Any additional comments?


*Required information





Pet's name:

*Date or dates of visit:


*Number and types of pets:


*Reason for visit:


*Are you a new or returning customer?


Annual Drawing

Each completed survey will be entered into an annual drawing for a free weekend of boarding or a free grooming with a spa package of your choice. Only ONE survey per visit at Shel-Ray will be entered into the drawing. Prizes are not redeemable for cash. The weekend of free lodging includes the room of your choice from Friday to Sunday for up to 2 of your own pets. All additional services (ex: grooming, activities, medications, etc…) are not included. The free weekend may not be used over a holiday. The free grooming includes a bath, nail clipping, ear cleaning and a haircut if necessary and the spa package of your choice for up to 2 of your own pets.



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